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AIS Simulator (Incl. Demo for download)

AIS Simulator is designed to simulate AIS data for up to 10 user controlled standard Class A vessels. (Optionally >10)

In addition a Base station including up to 7 VTS Targets, a SAR Aircraft, a Class B vessel, an Aid to Navigation, an AIS-SART and a Long-range vessel might be simulated.

From v 2.00 also a huge number of Random controlled AIS objects can be added.

  • Data output on serial port, real or virtual, TCP/IP or UDP for connection to ECDIS/Radar.
  • Almost all AIS facilities included.
  • Ideal for AIS training in Maritime education 
  • Ideal for test and/or demonstration of AIS presentation on ECDIS/Radar display.

A low price LITE version is also available. Limited to the basic and most common messages from up to 10 Class A and one Class B vessel.

v 8.00 - Implemented IEC 61162-450

v 7.00 - Implemented UDP Interface

v 6.00 - Implemented IEC62388 Ed.2 test scenarios. Automatic setup of 10 AIS targets and pause at defined check points.

v 5.00 - Upgraded to fully comply with ITU-R M.1371-5 and IMO SN.1/Circ.289

v 4.00 - Implemented Long-range reporting vessels, Msg 27. One user controlled and up to 100 random controlled.

v 3.13 - Implemented new IEC 61174 & 62388 ECDIS/Radar test requirements, 9000 Class A vessels at anchor & 150 Class A updating every 2 sec



Tested by Panbo Marine Electronics Weblog February 2008, see here

Future plans - Implementing NMEA2000 / N2K. But first I need documentation from the NMEA Organisation. That can be purchased for the neat sum of  $ 3.500,- for non-members! It's acceptable that the NMEA Organisation doesn't give it away for free, but with that stiff price level, the 'open' NMEA2000 standard is not open in reality for hobbyists/small companies.

However, until NMEA2000 has been implemented, NMEA2000 can be indirectly simulated with use of for example NGW-1 gateway from Actisense. The NGW-1 will convert simulated VDM/VDO messages to NMEA2000 PGN's and feed into a NMEA2000 network. See Actisense NGW-1

Download release note, Pdf-doc. ( For old version, but explains the basic philosophy.)

 Download Release note               Norsk             Svenska

 Download a 30 days or 20 sessions demo.

 Download Demo

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